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My Grandmother’s The Crunkest

Luvvie’s note: So I was on GChat with LV aka @Cloud10LV aka the Cephus to my Reesie aka A gahtdamb mess when he barged in with one of his random ass ways of saying hello (i.e. “Slides into the back pew like the folks that come in church late. *whispers* …

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The Random Things Folks Search to Find My Blog (and a Giveaway)

My readers are some of the funniest and wittiest people on the innerwebs (yes you are), and my comments STAY making me cackle. But y’all are also mightly ratchet. How do I know? Because of the way some of your found this blog. Google has been semi-kind to me, sending …

Whose is this?

Whose Aunty is This With the Windshield Wiper Brows?

I was on when I saw this picture below. And I was forced to save it and make it my Twitter background. I think at least once an hour, someone tweets me talmbout “WHAT IS THAT?!?” I don’t even… I just… *facepalm* WHAT (not who) is this? Where do …


The Road Not Ratchet: A Poem

I’d like to think of myself as versatile, n’ah mean? I ain’t just a writer. I’m also a poetress. Yes, poetress. I can be deeper than the Kat Stacks’ parents’ Fail list. So here I’m is. I’d like to bless y’all with a poem. I’m a fan of the classics. …