Mitt Romney or Mr Burns

If You Vote for Mitt Romney, We Don’t Go Together

So this election season has really worn me out. It’s been so charged. As someone who isn’t THAT much into politics, I had to perk up and pay attention because this is so important. I’m a fan of President Barack Obama. For reasons. One of this is that he’s FAHN. …

Single Ladies
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VH1’s “Single Ladies” Was Horrid

*looks at my post title* DANG Luvvie! Don’t hold back. Say how you REALLY feel. But really. I mean it. There’s a time when it is confirmed to me that TV will never regain good quality programming. And last night was such a time. Mind you, I’m a fan and …


My 5 Thoughts on the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards comes on towards the end of the Award season, and it goes out with a snooze! Every year, 3 hours of subpar speeches, awkward scripted conversations and many penguins signifies the Oscars. It was no different this year. In fact, it might have been worse. It was painfully …

BET The Game
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“The Game” Premiere Played Bald-headed Games! I Have Questions

So last night was the highly anticipated premiere of the TV show “The Game.” You know, the one that’s been off air for 2 years because CW kicked it to the curb. So fans lobbied for it like our health insurance depended on it. Yes, that one. BET picked it …

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Blogalicious and Miami: All TEN Everything!

I’m all tardy for the party, but better late than never, right? RIGHT??? Anyway, although Blogalicious 2010 was a full week ago, I’m just now getting to recapping it. It was awesome! It also ended on 10/10/10, so you know I have to do #AllTENeverything! Here are 10 reasons my …


I Hated the VMAs (and Taylor Swift)

I want to go to MTV offices and kick every trashcan in the building for that awful ass awards show they put on last night. AWFUL I SAY. The PreShow Why was the preshow such a mixture of yawn, boring and dry? MTV could have kept that wack hour to …

Blogging While Brown 2010 Speakers
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Blogging While Brown 2010 Was Awesome

I had A BLAST in Washington DC this past weekend. The Blogging While Brown Conference was super super awesome for so many reasons. So take off your coat and stay a while. There’s much to gist you with. The Conference began on Friday with a game night but Afrobella and …

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NAACP Image Awards Were Decent

I don’t typically blog on Saturdays, but there was an awards show on last night and I got my phonecall from my sis reminding me to do a recap. Couple of months ago, I wrote about the NAACP Image Awards Nominees FAIL, and they just aired the event itself. On …


Grammys: Another Day, Another Wack Awards

*Sigh* The Grammy Awards was as disappointing as a snowed in birthday after you’ve been promised a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s with extra tokens. I hosted a live-tweeting party, and kicked it with my Twitfam like I do for stuff like this. That made it bearable. Overall, the Grammys …


Missed Chance at Recap Foolery

So I received a phonecall last night from my Sis asking if I was watching the BET Celebration of Gospel show. I asked her why, because she knows of my disdain for BET. I only watch the channel to kill my brain cells not so slowly write roast recaps of their …