It’s about that time of year. The weather isn’t getting hotter. Everyone has had a full 3 months of frolicking, ratchetness and nekkidness. September is almost here, which means one thing: SCHOOL’S BACK IN! Now, for those who just graduated from high school, it means you’re probably about to be a college freshman! Doesn’t matter [...]

Humpty Dumpty’s Great Fall

Okay so I’m not the most graceful of people. It’s part of the reason I’m not a dancer (that and my lack of talent. But semantics). There are countless F My Life tales from high school of when my feets failed me. Picture it, Chicago 2001… A young Luvvie was loitering in the school afterhours, [...]

Golden Girls Betty White

In my decrepitness, I got to watch some old TV, and lawd I ain’t know I missed it so. LAWD did I reminisce. I loved many old shows but these were the ones I watched these past coupla days being home. Stroll down memory lane with me. Golden Girls Picture it, my couch, last 2 [...]

Luvvie playing basketball

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to sit on the bench, chew on ice for 1.5 hrs, clean off my gymshoes, rock a cute uniform be a hooper. I played basketball in elementary school, and was on my high school team for 2 years until I quit from inactivity. I mean, all my potential talent [...]

If shoes were crack, lawd knows I’d need a Platinum Dental PPO to fix the inside of my moufs because I’d be allergic to teefs. My shoe addiction started my senior year of high school, when I started rocking all colors of the Nike Prestos. Well, technically, my shoe addiction started the day I was [...]

When we were in H.S. … * Jean fits were ALL the craze * FUBU was a respected brand, and EVERYONE had a jersey with “05” on it * Pluto was a planet * Gas was under $1.50 * You could pay $1.50 for the CTA bus, AND get a transfer * You still had [...]