Paris is Burning: Scandal Episode 503 Recap Thumbnail

Season 5 of Scandal has brought on clue-dropping through the emoji following the #Scandal hashtag on Twitter. Episode 1 was an emoji of a black woman and white man with a heart between them (clearly Fitz and Liv). Episode 2 was a red power tool (because Gavin tried to use that as a weapon). This [...]

Yes: Scandal Episode 502 Recap Thumbnail

Scandal has done one thing well in all its seasons, and that is to keep throwing curveballs where you don’t expect. We might have gotten better at solving the cases Olivia and them get but they have kept me on my toes. The ending of this episode was a good example of that. Poping the [...]

Heavy is the Head: Scandal Season 5 Premiere Recap Thumbnail

Scandal (and the entire TGIT lineup) is back and I was so damb ready. You know when you don’t realize how sleepy you are but when you hit the bed, the next thing that happens is you wake up 7 hours later with your shoes still on? That was me. I didn’t know how much [...]

Scandal Logo

Let’s get into the Scandal season 4 finale! The List – Mellie meets with the devil in a black suit: Rowan Pope, and he says his name is Damascus Bainbridge. He wants to give her money if she pays attention to an issue that is important to him. He’s all smiley like a Cheshire cat [...]

Scandal Logo

When we left off on the last episode of Scandal, Liv had a gun to Russell’s head, wanting to find out what Operation Foxtail is. Let’s talk about it! Near Death – Jake is recovering from his injury and near death experience in Liv’s bed, and he is having nightmares before he wakes up in [...]

First Lady Sings the Blues: Scandal Episode 420 Recap Thumbnail

When we left, Scandal had us getting the Usher Board ready to plan another fune because Russell was using Jake’s body as a pin cushion. Let’s just get right into it. Surprise! – Quinn enters the gladiator office, getting coffee and whatnot. When she opens the conference room door and turns on the light, she’s [...]

I’m Just A Bill and Papa Pope is Back: Scandal Episode 419 Recap Thumbnail

Shoutout to the Scandal team for the Schoolhouse Rock hat tip on the title of this episode: “I’m just a bill.” Check out my Vulture recap for the short! Wine and Read – Papa Pope is back and he’s sitting in Olivia’s crib drinking her good wine. She’s pissed because she’s wondering what he’s doing [...]

Honor Thy Father: Scandal Episode 418 Recap Thumbnail

Let’s get into last night’s Scandal, folks! Team Takedown – David is still hellbent on pursuing B613 and Jake tells him that if they do, they’re all going to die. He wants State Farm to sign the document promising him immunity and he gets slammed on a table and told a forceful NOPE. Dude is [...]

Scandal ABC 7

I’m tardy for the pordee posting this Scandal episode recap but better later than never, right? Also, you could have read my Vulture one by now. This episode was directed by the awesome Regina King. Let’s talk about it! Michael Mischief – The Gladiators are summoned in the middle of the night, and so is [...]

United states of Kink

People love smut and Scandal brought some sexual healing into last night’s episode. Let’s talk about it, Gladiators! Dustbuster – Abby is flipping OUT at Leo and calling him disgusting. He reminds her “I’ve been between the sheets with you. You’ve taught me some things.” OWWW I see you, Prof Abby. Whatever it is, she [...]