Susan Ross Fail

Olivia’s friends love coming to her when they need help but ain’t nobody gon drag her to therapy like they need to? Oh ok, den. Let’s talk about last night’s Scandal, doe. Almost Doesn’t Count – Susan Ross let President Ghost and Mellie talk her into accepting their nomination of her as Vice President but [...]

Fix This

I am a firm believer in using your platform to say things boldly, even when they’re uncomfortable and when they make people wince by throwing the truth back in their faces. This last episode of Scandal was the most important one they’ve ever done, being audacious enough to use it’s primetime to affirm the fact that Black [...]

No More Blood: Scandal Episode 413 Recap Thumbnail

One of the reasons why I stan for Scandal and Shondaland is that their love of Greek Mythology shines through. As a longtime adorer of the shenanigans of them vintage days, I am giddy when I catch the obvious references. Of course we’ve had the Helen of Troy thing repeated over and over again, with [...]

Gladiators Don’t Run Come Full Circle: Scandal Episode 412 Recap Thumbnail

Hey folks! I am also writing Scandal recaps for Vulture now! And what’s weird is that those ones are harder to write because they’re shorter, more concise and to the point. But over here is where I give you the lengthy play by play. I’m excited! Go check the one I wrote for today, and [...]

Scandal Olivia

Chile, Scandal got Olivia all hemmed up. Let’s talk about it! The Walls Talk – Fitz wants everybody who has any power to be his office. Jake, Cyrus, the CIA, the FBI, your mom… when in enters the Secret Service. He wonders what the deuce they’re doing there and is told “The Vice-President thought you’d [...]

Scandal ABC 7

I’m so glad I had put on extra deodorant and applied a good layer of Jamaican Black Castor Oil to my edges for the return of Scandal last night. I ate a filling meal beforehand so my energy levels and sugar could be right. I figured since Scandal had been gone for almost 2 months, [...]

Where the Sun Don’t Shine: Scandal Season 4 Winter Finale Recap Thumbnail

Ooooo chile! January 29, 2015 can’t come fast enough because Scandal left me wondering where I left my good wig. I HAZ SO MANY THOUGHTS! Let’s jump right in. Charge Her – Olivia is sitting in the Oval Office looking shell-shocked and Jake and Fitz talk about what the hell went wrong with the plan [...]

Scandal Spreecast

Tonight is ABC’s #TGIT lineup winter finale, and most importantly, Scandal will be done for the year. What this means is that Shonda is going to snatch every edge we all have left and we’re going to need to get on a regimen of Jamaican castor oil temple rubs to grow them back. Every time [...]

Who is the Grandest Goon? Rowan Pope, Frank Underwood or Gus Fring? Thumbnail

3 of the most binge-watch worthy shows on television in the last 4 years gotta be Breaking Bad, Scandal and House of Cards. Many a weekend have been lost in front of NetFlix, watching episodes back-to-back because those shows are thrilling. But all three shows are also amazing because they have some of the most cold-blooded, [...]

Friends with Jake

Take all my edges then, Scandal. I don’t need them. I’ll just wear visors more often. Let’s talk about this episode. The Petty Triangle – The three non-amigos are in the bunker trying to figure out what their next move needs to be now that Fitz knows Jake is innocent. Second Fiddle is pissed that [...]