Today is Black Friday, the annual shopping gluttony day where we all bless each other with new things that are 50-70% cheaper than normal but not really because they made them 50% more expensive just to give us a 40% discount. Some of us go to WalMart to risk being trampled to death for a flat [...]

black friday

Black Friday is upon us, and I am spending it on my couch. The only thing that might make me leave the house today is because I feel like going to IHOP for their incredible caramel hot chocolate. Besides that, catch me in my pajamas. I am over Black Friday and I no longer participate [...]

Target takes all your money

Seriously. There has GOT to be some sort of voodoo at Target. That is the only explanation for how that place traps the most innocent people into these marathon shopping excursions that result in overdrawn bank accounts and hurting feet. First of all, going to Target on a Sunday is the worst. You get there [...]

Luvvie’s UGG boots

So I’m one of those people who has roasted Ugg boots to pieces over the years. They tend to look like brown foot casts and look utterly shapeless. I think what REALLY ruined them for me was how folks started wearing them in summer, with short shorts on. looks at Britney Spears Yeah YOU BRIT! [...]

Black Friday Shoppers

As folks know, I’m an avid shopper (read: shopaholic) and likes to dabble in sales from time-to-time (read: shops too much). So MY Superbowl equivalent is Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving where stores everywhere have RIDICULOUS sales. Stores open at midnight or 4am and items are like a bajillion percent off! It’s a [...]

Dear Amazon, Can I Get a Refund? Thumbnail

This week’s letter is directed to one of my favorite stores online, I’m a dedicated customer and they’ve disappointed me. Womp to them. Dear Amazon, Holder of all things awesome. Connoisseur of Cheap. Magnificent merchant of materials. I love you more than Europeans love Kelendria Rowland. I truly does. However, I got a little [...]

My Closet said “iQuit!” Thumbnail

So you remember a while back how I’m shopping crazy, and its getting worse by the minute. Yeah I was serious, and it was a cry for help. This is how bad this problem has gotten. A month ago, my closet literally quit me. I have so many clothes that the metal thing that holds [...]

I’ve Gone Shopping Crazy Thumbnail

*Stands Up* “Hi, I’m Luvvie and I’m a shopaholic.” Everyone: “Hi Luvvie!” Yeah I’ve admitted this problem but I’ve been stuck on Step 1 since forever. I have been acting a good fool for the past month, ever since Black Friday. I’ve bought 3 pairs of boots, countless shirts, many pairs of jeans and four [...]

Folks been writing poems lately, and tonight I was spurred to write one of my own. Yes it’s crappy :-) *Clears Throat and begins dramatic gestures* An Ode to WetSeal Oh WetSeal, WetSeal Oh how I loved you so Why did you go the other way? You suck now, the reason why I don’t know [...]

Aight, so no one died and made me the Queen of Fashion…but write I shall about the rules that I make for myself *It’s my Blog and I can do as I please :-p*. Now… Luvvie’s Rules of Fashion —————————— These rules are some of the basics I live by, and are in no particular [...]