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This Old Clip of Rihanna Singing is the Real Reason for Side-Eye

Rihanna is one of the biggest rock stars at this point because she’s young, beautiful and loves mayhem. And she happens to sing. Or at least she gets on a stage with a mic and notes come out of her mouth. So in THAT regard, sure you can call her …


Hitting High Notes is Hard. See This Girl’s Struggle

I bet y’all thought I was talking about *insert singer’s name here* right? Nope! I wasn’t even being shadeful. I’m talmbout a little girl who tried singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and when she keeps failing, she starts hollering. Literally. Put some headphones on if you’re around …

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Why I Love Adele: Her Voice and Soul

My love affair with Adele began later than everyone else’s because, well, I’m always tardy for the party. First time I saw her was at some awards show last year singing “Chasing Pavements.” I was all “Who is this? She’s kinda tight.” But she fell off my radar for a …