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About Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech and the White House That Was Built by Slaves

Michelle Obama. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama the GAWDESS. First of Her Name. Sasha and Malia’s mama. Barack’s wife. Queen of my Heart. Slayer of Haters. Shader of Intellectually Inferior Walking Cheetos. She Who Shall Not Be Outdone. She stepped on the stage of the Democratic National Convention on day 1 and …

Slaveship Airplane

Airplanes Are Just Like Slave Ships. Except They’re Not. At All.

So Gawker talked about this article that came out about some dude who considers himself an expert on things for smart people. Stuff like cultural anthropology. Or a Jeff Foxworthy standup routine. You know? Things that us regular folks scratch our heads at. Anywho, the dude goes on to say …