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Solange Tried to Mollywhop Jay-Z in an Elevator and I Haz Questions

Ok. Monday is getting off to an interesting start. TMZ dropped the tea and receipts of how Solange went all Mortal Kombat on Jay-Z in an elevator at the Met Gala as Beyonce watches and her bodyguard Julius intervenes. The video had me like WAYMENT!!! WUT?! I have so many questions. SO …


These Puma Sneakers By Solange Are Dora the Explorer’s Dream

I’ve been a fan of PUMA shoes for years because they stand out and aren’t ordinary gym shoes (STAND UP, CHICAGO). I’ve had multiple pairs of their kicks, and I might even still own 1 or 2 in the back of my closet. When Solange Knowles was announced as their Creative …

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Dear Solange, I Love the New Haircut!

Solange’s new haircut has been all the hype to the point where it was #3 Trending Topic on Twitter. Folks talked about her hair more than they discussed the Iran Elections & Obama’s new healthcare plan. Sad? Definitely. Entertaining? Absolutely. So my letter is to Beyonce’s shadow Solange. Dear Solange, …