So I Got Tea on Rachel Dolezal from a Former Colleague of Hers

I promise I was not planning on doing another post on Rachel Dolezal and her nutbucket self. I really wasn’t. But then tea dropped in my inbox and it was too good not to share. For those who are like “we make her relevant by talking about her” skip this. …

Hillary Clinton Side-eye
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Where is Hillary Clinton? Hopefully Taking ALL the Naps She Deserves!

People really have some nerve. I keep seeing folks asking where Hillary Clinton is as everything goes to hell and it floors me. People are really wondering where the woman who won the popular votes by 3 million but still lost the highest office of the land is hanging. Folks …


I’m Not Playing Nice with Donald Trump

A week ago, the United States of America reminded the world that is has a lot of stupid people in it. And a lot of people who would put their race over their genders because they’ve internalized patriarchy. And a lot of people who are raging racists. And a lot …


About Harmful Traditions and Why I Celebrate The Indians Losing to the Cubs in the World Series

First, I have to say how proud I am for my home city! The Chicago Cubs came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the World Series! They haven’t won since 1908. The last time the Cubs were Major League Baseball’s champions, no World Wars had happened yet, women couldn’t …

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About Kim Kardashian’s Receipts and the Damsel in Distress, Taylor Swift

There are few times when I will high five Kim Kardashian for anything she does and this is one of those times. Because I’m petty. Lemme give you the quick rundown of what happened. Kanye West released his “Famous” single and there’s a line in it that says “I feel …

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About LuvvNation, Building an Amazing Audience and Blogging On Your Own Terms

These last 48 hours have had me in stitches! I have laughed myself into hiccups over our BLAXIT shenanigans. Both the post of us Black folks talmbout what we’re taking if we leave and the one with my white readers negotiating terms with us. Read them and get your entire …

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Azealia Banks Got Verbally Mollywhopped By Skai Jackson on Twitter

You may or may not have heard of the name Azealia Banks. First of Her Name. Ruler of Nothing But Her Smartphone. Maker of Music No One Can Name. Haver of A Lot of Anger. She is a musician (I guess) but she is more known for her Twitter beefs …

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My 2016 Golden Globes Recap: Live-tweets Edition

The Golden Globes does not have a reputation for being super exciting but it kicks off awards season and often, we have Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting so we’re excited to see them. This year, Ricky Gervais hosted, and he spent the entire time drunk and seemingly angry about …

Marie Holmes

Bailout Bae Has Spent $21 Million of her Lottery Winnings on Bond

A woman named Marie Holmes, won $88 million (after taxes) in the Powerball in February 2015. Her boyfriend, Lamar McDow (nicknamed Hot Sauce), has been arrested multiple times since then, for crimes ranging from drug trafficking. Marie has put up $21 million bailing out her boyfriend, Hot Sauce, in the …

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#ThanksgivingClapback Hashtag is the Hilarity You Need Right Now

There’s so much turmoil and chaos happening right now in the world. It’s been on DIS TEW MUCH levels for weeks, and the release of the LaQuan McDonald execution video took it over the edge. What Twitter does very well in times like this is serve as a distraction. This …