I Am Not Charlie. Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie.

On January 3, 2015, Boko Haram men went to the city of Baga and killed up to an estimated 2,000 people, mostly civilians. They ravaged the town, burning down buildings and leaving the largest body count they have yet. This is their deadliest act in their reign of terror in …

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So I Live-Tweeted the Sound of Music and It Was Everything Right

The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies EVER. It probably sparked my love of musicals and I have seen it more times than I can count. I know the words to all the songs and my love of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer is deep. Dame Julie’s …

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#ThingsMoreHurtThanDarrenWilson, Like Papercuts and Ovulation: Twitter’s Roast

Yesterday, I cussed more than I ever have in my life. I was dropping all types of F-bombs. I kept yelling “FUCKKKKK” at random intervals after learning that Darren Wilson would not be getting indicted. FUCK EVERYTHING. FUCK IT ALL. ALL OF IT. I mean, I KNEW it was coming. …

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#LifetimeBiopics and #LifetimeBeLike are the Hashtags You Need After the Aaliyah Movie

The Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime happened tonight and I missed it but it’s coming on again so I’ll DVR to watch tomorrow. Anywho, folks say it’s so bad that the word “bad” is offended that it’s even associated with the movie. And to think. The Whitney Houston biopic is still …

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About Blogging: Numbers, Brands and What Matters

I was on Twitter and I just felt like talmbout this blogging business. I’ve been at this thing for 11 years and I’ve picked up a few lessons along the way. The rant below is what happened from my randomness and folks asked me to save it. Storify to the …

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The #TweetLikeJadenSmith Hashtag Brought Me Cackles

Jaden Smith is always worried, as I’ve written about before. His foreheads stays in a perma-wrinkle, as if his family isn’t Hollywood royalty, and as if he’s done nothing but struggle all his life. He’s the hipsterest hipster that ever hipstered. Also, we’ve learned that Jaden is full of thoughts …

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#BlackBiopics: Twitter’s Roast of Bad Casting Choices

New pictures of Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone in the unauthorized biography just got released and folks are mad all over again at the ridiculousness of that casting choice. I’ve already blogged about why Zoe playing Nina was a terrible choice. Of ALLLLL actresses that could have played Nina, they …

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Love, Relationships and Social Media: A Random Rant

Y’all know I be in Twitter ranting about random things. A couple of months ago, I read some piece about how women who stand on their own and don’t clutch to a relationship for dear life can’t sustain it. I was all “Chile… WUT?!?” Anywho, read the below. If you …


About the Relationship Between Africans and African Americans

Last night, @MisstoyaJ sent me a couple of tweets asking me to address the meaning of the word “akata” by Nigerians and other Africans because they had seen it on Twitter. It felt cheap to just talk about the word without talking about the larger dynamic behind it. This led …

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About Yoruba Names and their Meanings

As some may know, I’m Nigerian, specifically Yoruba. We’re in the Southwest part of the country, but we’re global because our culture and our people are all over the world. We’re over 35 million strong and we are everything. Yes, I’m biased. Anywho, yesterday, I started tweeting about how important …