Dennis Rodman MAGA

Dennis Rodman took to CNN yesterday, wearing a MAGA hat, to weep about how people came at him when he first stood with Donald Trump and went to North Korea on his behalf. All snot-nosed and rambling about how he’s been waiting for such a time as this. This former NBA player, who ain’t did [...]

Coolio and these Struggle Braids Gotta Let Go and Let Bald Thumbnail

Some folks age gracefully and get better with time, like good wine (not the cheap one that comes in boxes even though some of that is delicious but I heard will give you a hell of a hangover). And then there’s Coolio, who went to someone’s event looking like this: Sir. SIR!!! Why do you [...]

Hitting High Notes is Hard. See This Girl’s Struggle Thumbnail

I bet y’all thought I was talking about *insert singer’s name here* right? Nope! I wasn’t even being shadeful. I’m talmbout a little girl who tried singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and when she keeps failing, she starts hollering. Literally. Put some headphones on if you’re around people and see this foolery. [...]