Struggle Hair

Bernie Sanders Hair

Listen. Folks keep talking about issues and stances and policy, ignoring the real important thing about this whole election. When are we going to have a real conversation about Bernie Sanders’ struggle hair? When are we going to get down to the nitty gritty and get to the heart of the matter of why that man [...]

Jermaine Jackson Hairline Bulge

I really feel like Jermaine Jackson is trolling us all, at this point. He GOTTA BE. How can one man be so clueless about how hot of a mess his hair is? Every time we see him, he somehow manages to make himself even more laughable. That is a gift and I thank him for [...]

Dentist with bad hair

I was loitering on Facebook the other day when I came upon this picture and I did a silent laugh for about 15 seconds. Someone musta taken this pic of an ad on public transportation, and it’s of a dude’s dentist practice. THIS HAIR, DOE. This hair. He looks so brand new. Like NEW human. [...]

Whose Brother is Rocking this Impressive Scalp Weave? Thumbnail

We are a gifted people, I tell ya. We make something out of nothing and make hair out of scalp. Weaves aren’t just for women, ladies and gents. We’re bringing equality into the hairhat industry now, by providing these services of insta-hair to the fellas too. I came across this picture of a man who [...]

Baby hair righteous

I never thought I could find baby hair so extreme and righteous that it’d trump Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas’ decades-long affair with forehead coiffure calligraphy. Who knew that someone could come through and swiftly out-babyhair the Royal Queen of Baby Hair? And it was done by a melanin-deficient brethren who ripped the runaway of some fashion [...]

Devante Just for Me

Chile, ain’t it terrible when people fall from grace? 90s kids (aka those who were teenagers then) LOVED us some Jodeci. We wore those black combat boots they always did and called them Jodeci boots too. And we’ve all seen K-Ci and Jojo “OOOOHHH YEAH” their way into our hearts. Devante Swing was the one [...]

Bocs Bald Locs 2

I promise that people step out the house talmbout how casket sharp they are and they walk out with this homie’s hairstyle. I DIE. This is like a mullet of different species. It’s as if the mullet said “I need to upgrade for the 2014” and this is what it evolved into. It’s business in [...]

Mickey Rourke Jimmy Fallon

Mickey Rourke doesn’t curl all the way over. He hasn’t for a while. Homeboy was on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night and his hair was utterly tragic. I didn’t watch the show but I saw this picture and that is all I had to know. Unless he was in character as a man in the [...]

Jermaine Jackson hair

Jermaine Jackson has somehow turned out to be the oddest man in a family of really talented weird people and that is no small feat. Besides all the foolery he partakes in, like changing his last name to Jacksun (O__O) and being stuck in Africa because of his lack of child support payment, the dude [...]


Sometimes, you gotta stand up and claim your kin even in the face of foolery. Like Coolio, who refuses to let go of his struggle braids, despite the fact that his head looks like the red sea parted. Last year, I stumbled upon the gift below. Someone’s uncle was walking around with a unibraid on [...]