Struggle Hair

The Pimp Who Murked Me

I introduce you to Allen E. Brown aka APimpNamedSlickFront aka The Pimp Who Murked Me. He is actually a pimp in New Jersey who was running a prostitution ring, and ended up being sentenced to 18 years in jail. I took ONE look at this picture and had roast tourette’s. Let’s make a list of ALL the things that are wrong with this picture. I’d probably save time if I listed everything that was right = NOT A DAMB THING!

Whose Cousin is This with the Jolly Rancher Barrettes? Thumbnail

Whose ratchet ol’ cousin is this?!? I saw this picture and wanted to go kick every trashcan in a 5-mile radius. There’s sooo much tomfoolery in this picture that I don’t even know where to start. Fine, I guess we’ll work our way down from the top. First he has colored contacts. Then braids. With Jolly Rancher beads. iCan’t.

stevie wonder before after

So there other day, I watched the BET Honors, which gave awards to 5 people for their achievements in education, music, business etc. Honored included Queen Latifah, Whitney Houston and Diddy and 2 others. Stevie Wonder was all up through the show performing. He must have been up there at least 4 times. This is [...]