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My 10 Favorite Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

The ads are as much of a draw as the game itself so I watched the Super Bowl and missed most of the ads. Brands were paying over $4 million per commercial, and that was just for the 30 second spots. ALL THE MONIES! During the game, I ended up …

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Beyonce, Shade and More: Thoughts on the 2013 Super Bowl

So ya know the Super Bowl was last night. GO *insert team name who won here*! You fought a good fight against *name of other team here*! I knew you’d win at the end! O_O Yes, and all that good stuff. As you can tell, I didn’t really care about …


Super Bowl was a Super Bore

Hey folks! I’d like to thank all my guest bloggers for making the week so awesome! In fact, I had more Guest Bloggers than days, so sorry to the bloggers whose posts I didn’t use. I still love your writing!!! So like everyone else, I “watched” the Super Bowl. And …