I Wrote A Book! And It’s Available for Pre-Order Now Thumbnail

I can officially add “author” to my titles, next to “writer, digital strategist, speaker, professional troublemaker and side-eye sorceress.” Because I wrote a book. I WROTE A FREAKING BOOK, YALL!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!! My book is called I’M JUDGING YOU: The Do-Better Manual, and it is a series of essays on life, culture, social media and fame. [...]

7 Lessons I’ve Learned from Traveling to 14 Countries in 2015 Thumbnail

This year has been unlike any for me for so many reasons but one of those is that I traveled like I never have before. I didn’t start the year imagining that I’d visit 14 countries, but that’s was one of the beautiful surprises of 2015. For me, travel is important for many reasons, and [...]

My Year of Yes, Saying No to Fear and Checking Off My Bucket List Thumbnail

It’s funny that a couple of weeks ago, I got sent a copy of Shonda Rhimes’ new book The Year of Yes. When you get an advanced copy of bae’s book. 🙌 Excited to dig into @shondarhimes‘ #YearofYes! You can pre-order now. — Awesomely Luvvie (@Luvvie) October 6, 2015 Not only is that bae [...]

I’m Taking One More Big Trip Before Summer Ends Thumbnail

I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer. It’s the closest I’ve had to a “summer break” since like college. I let emails linger, I went PSHT to anything urgent and I shirked more than a few responsibilities as I traveled to multiple countries, rooftopped with my girls and just had a grand old time. I know [...]

A Guide to Planning a Trip to Morocco (Part 1) Thumbnail

Morocco is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The entire country prides itself on the beauty of everything from its land to mundane things like a bathroom door. There is so much history there that it is basically like walking back in time, in certain places. I loved it all. I went [...]

4 Places to Visit in Nairobi, Kenya Thumbnail

In March, me and some of my oldest friends went to Kenya for the first time and we had a grand time. I even had a fantastic meetup with the Bloggers Association of Kenya that I blogged about here. I’ve been meaning to write about other things I did so here’s my overdue post about [...]