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50 Dumbest Tweets of 2012: Part 1

Twitter has been proving that children were indeed left behind since 2006. This is why DumbestTweets.com exists and is never out of material. There are currently 400 posts sitting in drafts and over 1,700 posts have been published. Anywho, it’s about that time of the year where I am tasked …

MySpace Tom READ Twitter
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Tom From MySpace Read Someone For Filth on Twitter

Note: This post was clearly supposed to be for yesterday but what had happened was… Loitering on Twitter pays off sometimes. Because if you do it at the right time for long enough, stuff will happen that’ll have you eating popcorn like Michael Jackson in Thriller. Last night, I sho’ll …

Famous folksLetter

Dear Rob Kardashian, You Got the Nerve to Call Rita Ora a Whore

Two people I haven’t paid much attention to are getting some attention today, and I am here to write one of them a sternly-worded letter. Rob Kardashian, the Patron Saint of Ain’t Ever Did Shit went on a Twitter rant against his ex-lady he was seen with Rita Ora, also known …

Jenny Johnson tweets to Chris Brown

About This Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson Twitter Beef…

You just read this headline and you think you already know what I’m gonna say. You may but the only way you’ll know is to READ this. I put this first because people see the name Chris Brown and they’re ready to GO TO TOWN. Yesterday, Chris Brown deleted his …

KitchenAid FAIL tweet
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KitchenAid’s Tweeter Is Gonna Need to #OccupyLinkedIn

During the presidential debate, whoever was tweeting for KitchenAid accidentally sent this tweet out: This is the definition of an EPIC FAIL. It’s so bad that I read that and went “WELP that’s a wrap.” Whoever was tweeting for them made the biggest mistake of their career, and therefore, it …

Replacement Refs FAIL

NFL’s Replacement Refs Fail and Hilarity Ensues

So y’all know I don’t watch football and don’t give 2 dambs about who wins what when. When I watch, the only things I end up commenting on is if their shoes are cute and coordinate well with their uniforms. I’m not the one to take to a sports bar. …

Oprah Clapped Back
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Come for Mother Oprah on Twitter and You Might Get Embarrassed

People do try to come for the wigs of celebrities on a daily basis and usually they walk away pretty unscathed. Twitter is the perfect place where this happens, and I wrote about this in my Stages of Twitter Celebrity Roast and Wig Snatch post. Someone fixed their mouth to …

DirecTV Tweet to Luvvie
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Viacom and DirecTV Beef and Shade Each Other on Twitter

The other day, I wrote “5 Things I’m Not Here For” and one of those is the beef that Viacom and DirecTV are having. DirecTV dropped all of Viacom’s channels before midnight on Monday, because they haven’t renegotiated their contract. Apparently, the two companies can’t agree on terms so DirecTV …


Luvvie’s BET Awards 2012 Live-Tweets Party

My peoples!!! So today is the BET Awards 2012 and I’m ready for them! I got my snacks and my shade READY for the festivities. And you know Twitter makes every show better, so this will be everything. So, I’ll be using the hashtag #AweBET as I tweet the festivities …

Stages of Celebrity Roast and Wig Snatch
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The Stages of Twitter Celebrity Roast and Wig Snatch

Celebrities on Twitter can’t ever catch a break because it’s on there that we see how our favorite notables REALLY are. We truly get to see them as the flawed humans they are. We know who can’t spell, who’s petty and whose publicists are 140 characters away from quitting and …