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Whose Wayward Brother is This on Vine? Oh Yeah: Riff Raff

Sometimes, loitering on Twitter outside of my mentions gets me in trouble. Today was one of those times because I came across the Vine video below and I almost fell out my chair. I am frightened. What is this and why is this? Who what when? I have questions and …


10 More Hilarious Vine Videos You Must Watch

To think we ever thought Instagram video was going to kill Vine. NOPE! Vine has basically become the place to go for micro-comedy. It’s hilarity in 6-second spurts and I am so here for it. I did a 10 Hilarious Vine Videos post in July and here’s part 2! 1. …

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10 Hilarious Vine Videos You Gotta Watch

I know that when Instagram video kicked off a couple of weeks ago, folks were declaring Vine to be dead since it allowed folks to post up to 15 seconds of video. But I shook my head because I’ve never been here for IG video. All it did was provide …