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Three nights ago, I checked my blog traffic and for the first time ever, I hit 6 figure pageviews in 1 day. There were over 100,000 visits to my website on Tuesday and I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt. Then Wednesday around 8pm, I checked my traffic and that number was trumped by over 30,000 and [...]

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I just wrote two epic posts back-to-back and I’m all “Oh crap. Folks are gonna start thinking my blog is always this good.” So, I’d like for you all to lower your expectations this instant! I DEMAND IT! *shakes fists in your faces* HA! But really. I’m welcoming all the newbies to my blog. And [...]

Hey folks!!! Welcome to the new and improved AwesomelyLuvvie.com! My blood, sweat and tears was thrown into redesigning this page so it’s all good for you all. I spent HOURS (and days) coding and customizing until I got it to look exactly like I wanted. I’ve ended my ‘lationship with Blogger. I’m now in the land of Wordpress! I had to finally make that leap like the big girl blogger I’m trying to be.

Yooo! I’m Luvvie and I’m a 20-something Chicagoan with a love of all things funny. I’m quite opinionated and I tend to rant about whatever subject irritates me. My stream of consciousness is this blog, just in a more coherent manner. Hope you’re amused by it. I am a contradiction of sorts. I’m a girly [...]