White House

Dear White House Sinkhole, You Good? Thumbnail

Last week, we learned there is a sinkhole forming on the lawn of the White House. I’m just here to inquire about its wellbeing. Dear Sinkhole, Hey big head. So sorry I didn’t come and visit but I’m allergic to places where fascism gets written into law. But listen, now that you’re here, I’m just [...]

Kellyanne Conway Couch

Let me tell you something. The entire Trump administration must be made up of people who were raised by savages. Every week, they do some shit that is unbecoming of what people do when they are raised with sense as a core value and guiding principle. Latest is the picture that dropped yesterday, of a [...]

My 2016 Highlights and The Hiatus I’m Taking Thumbnail

Less than 3 weeks left in 2016, and I am fist-pumping for what has been an amazing year for me professionally and personally. Unfortunately, the world started to burn so not everything was great. However, this year has been one that has pushed me forward and upward, and one where so many of my dreams [...]

Luvvie at White House 2

I got back from a fast and fierce trip to Washington DC on Thursday evening and I’m still tryna settle in (and I just got back from an 18-hour trip to Charlotte). As I posted on Monday, I was in DC for the White House Youth Summit, and for the holiday tour. The White House [...]

White House Superheros

So when Osama-Gate happened, the White House released pictures of the situation room, as President Barack Obama and his senior staff sat and watched what folks assume to be the live feed of the raid in Pakistan. They’re been mum on what was going on at the exact time the picture happened. But the pic [...]