About Awesomely Luvvie is an award-winning entertainment and humor blog covering everything POP CULTURE, from TV to MOVIES and TRAVEL and RACE. It was launched on August 8, 2006.

Who am I?

I’m Luvvie, a writer, speaker, digital strategist and 12-year blogging veteran who rocks at connecting with people and creating content that rises above the noise online. I am a respected influencer who has the numbers to prove it, and I have a unique voice that places me in a lane of my own. I have a shoe habit, a love of travel and a red velvet cupcake addiction. AND I run a national nonprofit organization called The Red Pump Project that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Read my full bio.

I have a highly engaged audience that is mostly young, educated, technologically-savvy and fashion conscious. They love all things TV and social media, but most importantly, they trust me.

Let’s work together!

I like to align myself with brands and companies who are looking for innovative partnerships that are mutually beneficial. As an influencer with integrity and someone who’s knowledgeable in reaching people effectively and strategically, I’m pretty sure we can collaborate and do something awesome. Also, it needs to be organic to what I already represent. I’ve worked with a range of major brands such as XFINITY Comcast, Target, BET, Nielsen, HGTV, Verizon and Toyota.

Luvvie TVOne 2Below are some ways we can partner.

Experience/Events Ambassador

I curate experiences from travel journeys to award shows to behind the scenes of sets. If I’m in the room, so are over 150,000 people who follow me through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Using dynamic pictures, I take my curious and engaged audience with me on adventures, giving them insider access to the fun, the learnings and the reason why your event or locale is important. They were right there when I met Shonda Rhimes, Lupita N’yongo, Kerry Washington and others. They went with me on my trips to Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. And they got the inside scoop when I was at the NAACP Image Awards and at the Academy Awards.

It is a virtual “show and tell” of sending postcards home. “You should be here. Xoxo, Luvvie.”

Teaching/Presenting Workshops

As a social media strategist and branding coach with over 7 years of experience, I help clients (entrepreneurs, bloggers and organizations) figure out how to maximize their online presence, and how to use digital tools strategically. I’m both social and technical, from marketing to branding to WordPress optimization and SEO (search engine optimization). I’ve presented and spoken at a variety of conferences, including: SXSW, Social Media Week (Chicago, Lagos, Johannesburg), Nonprofit Technology Conference, BlogHer, AFTRA Broadcast Conference, Social Media for Nonprofits Conference, Chicago Social Media Summit, among others.

Workshops I teach include:

  • Blogging Masterclass: From Beginner to Boss
  • Branding: It’s More than Your Logo
  • Social Media Marketing: Connecting and Rising Above the Noise
  • Social Media for Social Good: Nonprofits and Online Activism

Hosting events

I enjoy connecting with people face-to-face and I bring the party to wherever I am. I can emcee and host your event or TV watch party, with the same energy that I write with. I might also insist on the DJ playing the wobble.

Hosting the Ms.Foundation's 2015 Gloria Awards. ©Patrick McMullan

Hosting the Ms.Foundation’s 2015 Gloria Awards.
©Patrick McMullan

Highlight: getting Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes to recreate their iconic picture while hosting the Ms.Foundation’s Gloria Awards afterparty in May 2015.

Online Activations

Sponsored posts and Campaigns

I maintain editorial integrity always, and this is why readers of this blog trust me. My audience is always at the forefront and I partner with brands for campaigns and posts that I think will resonate with LuvvNation, not only here but across my social networks.


I bring the fun, the snark and the cackles via my social media channels, and people pay attention. My live-tweets are fast, accurate and hilarious. People who might not plan on watching your show might tune in just because I’m watching.

If you’re interested in working with me and would like to get my media kit, inquire about my rates or book me for an event, send an email to Luvvie at aweluv dot com.